Statement of Intent


Simon Goodfellow

Member of the Spiritual Workers Association

The members of the Spiritual Workers Association are striving to raise standards in the field of mediumship and psychic work. To achieve this members of the SWA have drawn up a set of guidelines for specific disciplines and a code of conduct to which all members have agreed to adhere.

As a member of this Association I have chosen to abide by these Guidelines and those of the Code of Conduct. A copy of the full Medium Guidelines and Code of Conduct are available should you wish to read them. The following is a summary of the Guidelines.


It is my intention to demonstrate my personal belief that life continues after death and that as a medium I am able to act as a communicator between this world and the spirit world.

The Guidelines state that a message should be evidence based. However, because evidence is very subjective and very personal it is quite hard to define. What is evidence to one person may not be to another and vice versa. Although evidence can take many forms it should be evidence that is personal to you and means something to you. This could be in the words or mannerisms that can be attributed to the person coming through or in the form of more direct evidence such as ages, names, descriptions, memories, how they passed, anniversaries or something similar. These are, however, just examples. Even if the message does not contain these it could still provide the evidence that you need.

Sometimes evidence that is given will not be immediately identifiable. It may only be in discussion with other members of the family that information comes to light that the recipient may not have previously known, or as our memories are nor always as clear and accurate as we might life, we may not recognise the evidence until later. It should also be remembered that not all mediums work in the same way. Mediums are individuals and as such they each have their own way of working.

Although part of the message I give you may contain spiritual advice and guidance we would like to make it clear that it is only advice and/or guidance. As a recipient of the message you are personally responsible for any decisions you make. I will pass on the message that I am given, however, it is my interpretation of that message. I am not responsible for any choices you, the recipient, may make as a result of the message.

The Guidelines do, however, state that there are some things that are unacceptable. For instance:

A medium should not make statements such as those outlined in the full Medium guidelines.

The medium will not reveal personal, private or intimate information that is obviously confidential in a public arena nor will they deliberately embarrass or belittle a member of the audience.

The medium will not disclose to any other party who is not present at the public demonstration that they have given someone a message.


The Association was set up to support both spiritual workers and members of the public, to ensure that spiritual workers are working to the highest possible standards and that the general public are informed about the structure and content of a high quality message.

As such the Association offers information and education to members of the public so that they will know what to expect from a demonstration of mediumship.

As a demonstration medium I have signed up to these Guidelines and Code of Conduct because I believe in the importance of integrity and clarity in the role of a medium.


Because it can often seem that mediums and psychics use jargon I will try to make sure that I always explain any words or phrases that may be confusing. However, if there is anything you do not understand please ask me and I will explain.

Should you find that explanation unsatisfactory you can always contact the Spiritual Workers Association on 01621 869567, Email or visit the website where there is also a list of Frequently Asked Questions. You should remember, however, that because spiritual philosophy is a matter of interpretation there is often more than one acceptable explanation.


I hope that you will enjoy my demonstration and find it to be positive and uplifting experience; however, if you do have a complaint, the SWA has a complaints procedure. You can find out more by contacting the SWA using the contact details above.