As a Spiritual Medium, I work closely with my Spirit Guides and Spiritual Helpers and am assured of my calling to help and heal people when they need closure and direction to enable them to move on with their lives. I work very different from other Mediums, whereby I work with Spirit on a platform and go and greet the Spirit standing beside their loved one or friend, and then I pass on the message that has been given to me. My ethics are very strong and one of the things I want to achieve is to remove all the doom and gloom from Mediumship and also prove that it can be fun and uplifting. The majority of people want to know that their loved ones are happy when they pass over, so why would you want everyone in tears all the time? Look at it like this. If Uncle Jack was a sod in life, then it makes sense that he’ll still be a sod after he’s passed away. If he weren’t, then quite frankly, he wouldn’t be Uncle Jack would he? People’s personalities don’t change when they pass over.

Please enjoy reading about how I was called to carry out this work and then explore my web site for further information on dates and events.

About me

For as long as I can remember, Mediumship and all it involves has fascinated and intrigued me. I was mesmerised since childhood by people who can contact the dead. The catalyst came for me when I was around fourteen years old and I would like to share this story with you here. Don’t be surprised, as there will probably be quite a high number of you who will be able to relate to this experience.

My first disturbing experience

At the age of fourteen, on this particular night I was staying at my Grandmother’s house while my Sister was staying at her best friend’s house watching videos. Or so we thought! The truth of the matter as it turned out, was that my Sister was actually camping out in her friend’s garden, but we didn’t find this out until later.

It had been just a normal evening for me. I had gone to bed after giving my Gran a big kiss. She was a very special lady, my Gran. During the night I had the most strange and disturbing dreams. In my dreams I could hear my Sister Joanne, shouting and shouting and I could also see her and she was surrounded by flames. Not surprisingly, I awoke screaming at around two in the morning. We all have bad dreams from time to time and I assumed that this was what had happened. Gradually getting myself together again I settled back down to sleep only to be woken a couple of hours later by my Gran. She woke me to say that Joanne had been in a tent fire and was in hospital suffering third degree burns. Joanne underwent skin grafts and remained in hospital for several months and thankfully, made a full recovery.

I can only try and tell what affect this had on me. It was overwhelming. A bad dream is bad enough, but to find that it was actually fact is something else altogether. The implications were vast. This meant that I had literally been a spectator of my Sister’s accident, which also meant that I had the ability to physically transfer myself to an event and witness it in real time. Although I had not been looking for it, this was the first real evidence that I had of my Mediumship capabilities.

Life goes on

Things carried on as normal after this event. I eventually left school and began a career in catering without giving a second thought to the event that had occurred two years previously. I happily worked in Hotels and Cruise Ships for many years with no reference whatsoever to my Mediumship abilities.

My need to learn more

I began this career by wanting to do healing and practiced some healing on family and close friends. This is the most warming and loving feeling and I can feel a rush of energy through my hands while doing this. It’s as if something is literally travelling through them. Never did I think for a minute that this laying on of hands would definitely be healing them, but it actually did.

I felt I needed to develop this further with help and guidance from an experienced Teacher. I found a lovely lady in Somerset who ran a Crystal Healing Course. I enrolled and later received a full Crystal Healing Diploma, which enabled me to register with the Complementary Medical Association with whom I still work to this day.

My inclination to work with Spirit was increasing rapidly and the need to explore it was such a natural progression that I then joined a Spiritualist Church. As time went by, I started helping out with Mediumship Evenings and eventually I was asked to stand in for a Medium who had fallen ill. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity. I had already started receiving messages from Spirit about loved ones who had passed away and for people that I knew, such as customers in my Bar. Sometimes I felt hesitant about passing these messages on, as suddenly everything was moving so fast for me that I felt as though I was being swept along on a giant wave. Now was the time that I needed direction and guidance on how to best use this gift I had been blessed with.

Something was missing

I still felt that this was not enough. Something was missing for me. It’s one thing to be gifted, but does another thing know how to direct it and use it for the maximum benefit of others, and this was what I wanted to do. At this point I had learnt about the Arthur Findlay College based in Stansted, UK and of its long-standing reputation. I immediately enrolled on their highly regarded Mediumship Development Course and never looked back. At the end of the course, I was chosen from my Group to give a Mediumship Demonstration to the whole College. I was very aware at the time, and I remain so to this day, of what an honour this was and that they wouldn’t have chosen me if they had not had a good reason. If I had ever needed proof of my vocation in life, this was it. I knew from that day forward my calling was to give messages to people from their loved ones who have passed. I also knew that working on cruise ships was a much easier path to follow, but such is life. You do what you are put here to do, and for me it is now working as a Medium, with all its accompanying responsibilities.

Using my special gift

I then returned to Spain and began working solely as a Medium giving personal readings and doing my own Mediumship Demonstrations. I am still doing this today and will continue to do so. I have appeared on TV shows in both Spain and Holland, have done several radio programmes in both the UK and Spain, and have had many articles published in magazines and newspapers in the UK, Spain, Holland and also Norway.

I am now based in the UK but will continually return to Spain to carry on my work where I have a large network of friends and clients who have continually supported me along my journey to the place where I am today. In 2009 I successfully completed a tour in Holland of Mediumship evenings and one to one readings, Spirit messages from Dutch people were relayed to me in English. It appears that Spirit has no language barriers.
In the years which followed I regularly exhibit on many of the Mind, Body & Spirit fairs around the UK (see the Mind, Body & Spirit Fairs page) & I now do telephone readings for clients from The USA, Canada, Italy and other parts of the world.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this brief synopsis of me and that it will give you an insight into my work as a Spiritual Medium & Clairvoyant. Always remember that “Life is Eternal” and that your loved ones are always with you, wherever you are in the world and whatever you are doing. Don’t worry. I am told that they don’t do bedrooms and bathrooms though!