Until We Meet Again

Tuesday 30th June 2020

A Special Evening Of Mediumship

With Simon Goodfellow Spiritual Medium.

Simon Works Very Differently To Other Mediums Because He Hears Spirit, This Enables Him To Work Very Quickly & Know Exactly Who & Where The Message Belongs To In The Audience.

Simon Will Also Use The Psychic Power Of Psychometry.

This Is Where He Will Ask You For An Item That can Be Jewellery, Keys, Mobile Phone, Anything Really & From This Item He Will Pass Messages Past, Present & Future About Your Life.

If The Item Belonged To A Relative, Friend Who Has Passed  Away This Could Help Bring A Message From Them Too

Spirit Messages From Loved Ones, Friends & Family Proving Life Is Eternal

Office: 01302 869051 Mobile: 07894 091702

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