duncan-james“I’ve had many readings in my time, but for me, Simon Goodfellow’s reading topped them all.

Not only does he make you feel at ease straight away, but he never asks questions and just tells you what he see’s and feels.

Simon is a very gifted young man, and he works with spirit guides to read. I would Defo recommend Simon to people for a reading. Outstanding xx”

Duncan James
Member of boy band Blue

kathryn-drysdale“I had a reading with Simon recently and he blew me away with his accuracy! No questions were asked, he just connected straight away. He picked up accurately the energy of those around me . I was gob smacked. I look forward to seeing the predictions come to pass”

Kathryn Drysdale

“Well, what can I say apart from amazing. You have an amazing energy, aura and confidence. You are able to bring something more out of people that they don’t think they have.
I am very privileged and honoured to tell anyone that you are my Mentor.
I am still buzzing, I use my Tarot cards now. Where as before I never did readings because I never felt I could do it.
I use different techniques to connect with my guides, all to an amazing effect.

Paul Garstang ~ Internet