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Psychic Suppers & Evenings of Mediumship

Tickets & Bookings Are Made By The Venue, Please Use The Contact Details On The Website Listing

Mind, Body & Spirit Events

Most if Not All Organisers of  The Mind, Body & Spirit Events Simon Goodfellow Attends.

Will Charge A Small Admittance/Entry Fee Which is Out Of Our Control


All Readings Either Face to Face or Spiritual telephone Readings Will Last up to 30 minutes.

 All Readings Will Be Recorded onto A Cd.

In The case Of Spiritual Telephone Readings it will only be Simon's Voice which Will Be Recorded


At Mind, body & Spirit events payments can be made by. Cash, credit/debit card, Apple Pay
Online Bookings: Telephone Readings, Development workshops & Products from the Online shop
Pay Pal, Bank 
Payments over the telephone with Credit/debit cards 

Spiritual Development workshops Booking Terms & Conditions

SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT - Complete Spiritual & Psychic Journey's 

Please Beware Any Cancellations or no shows will result in the complet lose of the fee you have paid, this cannot be transferred.

The complete spiritual & Psychic Journeys are offered at a discounted price against the cost of booking each workshop separately and as such no refunds will be given as a result of cancellation or no show on the specified dates of each workshop.

Booking Terms & conditions

You must ensure the safety of all your belongings at all times during the workshops.

Simon Goodfellow will not be liable for any loss or damage to personal property.

You are responsible for your own safety at all times, please make sure you have read the venue’s fire procedures, Simon Goodfellow will not be liable in any way for any personal injury incurred during this workshop.

You must keep to designated workshop areas at all times, you are requested not to enter any areas marked ‘Off Limits or Private’. You must respect the venues rules regarding any aspect.

Causing any damage to the venues or any other person/s property will not be tolerated.

Causing any undue harm or bodily harm to any person/s present will not be tolerated, police intervention would be requested. Simon Goodfellow reserves the right to exclude you from the workshop; with no financial reimbursement should you fail to remain within these guidelines.

Simon Goodfellow will not be liable for any person/s that does not follow these guidelines.

Any damage incurred by you to items or property during this workshop must be paid for, by you, before the end of the workshop.

Simon Goodfellow reserves the right to change the date and or venue of the workshop should this become necessary.

If you cancel you’re booking on the workshop up to one month before the start date of the workshop you will have the option to move to another venue and date of the same workshop you originally booked a place on (subject to availability) An administration fee of £20.00 will be added to the balance of workshop fee owed or will be charged at the time of re booking.

If you fail to attend on the date of the workshop or cancel within one month from the start date you will be charged cost of the workshop minus any monies already paid. .

I authorise my credit/debit card to be debited should I cancel within the month or fail to attend as stated

Any booking fee/deposits that have been paid will not be refunded in any case. Simon Goodfellow reserves the right to refuse any booking on any workshop now or in the future


I clearly sate that I have enrolled for this workshop of my own accord and have not been coerced in any way by the Spiritual Worker, Simon Goodfellow to take part.

I clearly state the Simon Goodfellow has made no promise or claim or any description with regard to this workshop, its outcome or its content and that no liability whatsoever lies with Simon Goodfellow in respect of this workshop. Simon Goodfellow has fully explained what will take place during the workshop and I fully understand and accept this explanation. I take full responsibility, accepting any and all liability, for any actions and choices I make at any time following the workshop. I understand and accept that teaching and content of this workshop, including what is said by Simon Goodfellow is open to interpretation, as such I take full responsibility accepting any and all liability for any interpretation of this workshop in its entirety, either by myself or any other party. I understand and accept that my participation in this workshop does not bestow upon me any official or recognised qualification nor has Simon Goodfellow indicated any such promise or qualification. I understand  and accept Simon Goodfellow offers no guarantee that I will be able to develop my psychic abilities and I accept full responsibility should I fail to or be unable to make  progress of any description.

I declare that I am of sound mind and that I am in no way vulnerable, either physically or emotionally, and that I take full responsibility for my actions prior to, during and following this workshop. I further state that I am not suffering from any form of mental illness.

I fully accept the terms of this disclaimer and state categorically that I have not been placed under any duress to Book any of The Spiritual & Psychic Development workshops

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