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All our clients testimonials are written and posted on this page without any edits so you may find the odd spelling mistake or grammatical error.
It would be completely unfair for us to edit these testimonials when they have been written with such heartfelt warmth


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Sally from Huddersfield wrote on 31st January 2024

Well what can I say, my life has done a 180 since walking in to that first lesson.
I have learnt so much about myself, and my spiritual journey.
I have met some amazing people in the class, some of whom I can call my soul sisters.
Simon.. Thank you for always believing in me
and giving me the courage to trust the information I get from spirit.
I am stronger spiritually and emotionally since starting the course
and I feel extremely empowered by the knowledge I have gained.
Dave..You have the most incredible shoe collection and I am totally jealous.
but in all seriousness thank you for your support in and out of classes.
I have so much love for the people who i have developed
with and have gained life long friends.
George... little gorgeous boy - thank you for being so cute!!!


Gill from High Peak wrote on 31st January 2024

Simon and Dave you are both truly beautiful people. 

You have always made me feel so welcome on your amazing spiritual course.
I have learned so much about my own spiritual ability and enjoyed every minute of the journey.
I have met the most wonderful people who are now my friends.
That includes baby George 🐶🐾🐾

Simon you have encouraged my confidence to grow,
taught me to trust in spirit and believe in myself.
The results have been phenomenal and I cannot
think of a more gifted and caring person to learn from.
Simon you are the best! I will be forever grateful knowing that I was guided to you. 🙏🏻 

I will now continue on my spiritual journey with happiness in my heart and my spirit guides by my side, knowing I can help bring truth,
love and comfort to others. ❤️😘

Liss  from Sheffield wrote on 31st January 2024

Not enough words only love 

And no you won’t get rid of me! (You haven’t managed it yet!) 

There are not enough thank yous; ever grateful so blessed; you are beyond educators but life teachers and you have helped change my life there’s so much more colour now
and I never feel alone anymore (and I truly mean that)

I usually feel so sad at endings
but I know this is one part of our adventure together and I will be seeing you and until then I carry you always in my heart ❤️ 

Love, light, blessings to you, Dave and George >

May the love you so effortlessly give to others be reflected back at you a million times over xxx

You guys really truly are fabulous 

I’ll totally see you soon 😉❤️


Linda From  Rotherham wrote on 31st January 2024

Thank you for your teaching and encouragement
I am learning every day
Looking forward to seeing you
at the local mind body and spirit events
take care keep up your amazing work


Mel from Cheshire wrote on 31st January 2024

So blessed and grateful, beyond words . 

Seems strange when I started I only went along with my dad for a nosey . 

And all I’ve achieved and done since I started is magical. 

I’m grateful to have met and shared the journey with lovely souls . 

And gained two new uncles in my life Simon and Dave .
❤️love you both soo much for everything. 

See you in April already counting xx


Liz From Clowne wrote on 31st January 2024

Thank you Simon and Dave for everything.
It's been a privilege being part of the group and on my path too.
I will be back in April for the next stage 💕
lots of love to you , Dave and gorgeous George x


Sarah From Leicester wrote on 31st January 2024

I just want to say thank you
for all your guidance, support and encouragement during this journey
both on the weekends and the group exercises.
Much love xx


Angela From Barnsley Wrote on 31st January 2024

Thank you so much for your guidance , support ,
sharing your wealth of experience and your encouragement 🙏❤️

I enjoyed every moment of my journey with you .
My life was already fabulous but you have made it even better. 

On 10th February I am viewing a room and if I am happy with it will be taking the plunge and starting my Healing business the week after and hopefully as my confidence grows mediumship as well 💜

I first met you in 2010 and knew then you were the ‘right’ person to help me on my Spiritual path, eventually I listened to Spirit and allowed you to help me move forward !!

Love and gratitude to you both 🙏❤️🙏❤️ xxx

See you in April 😊


Alison From Barnsley wrote on 31st January 2024

Thank you to you both, it has been a pleasure meeting you both and working with you.
I came to your courses to build my confidence and trust after losing it all during personal times.
I appreciate your advice and guidance throughout this journey. You are both inspirational to me.
Lots of love to you both. Xx

 From Lincoln Wrote on 31st January 2024

Thank you Simon and Dave for your teaching and support.
It was the start of a new chapter in my life (a slow start admittedly
but i am moving forward) and i'm really looking forward to being
back at the Brentwood in April to do the business course.
Keep up all your good work xx


Sharon from Nottingham wrote on 31st January 2024

It has been a pleasure to be part of your wonderful Brentwood group 

Thank you for doing all the report backs on the assignments in your time 

I certainly thank you for my journey 

I thank all the Brentwood participant’s  too for being there and some wonderful feedback on the course and since 

It really feels Sad to end this journey and I know I see you both often, but still feels Sad and there are more journeys to come, but think I will miss this so much. 

Thank you Simon and to  you Dave for your input and behind the scenes activity 

Bless you both x

Alison From Swinton wrote on 31st January 2024

Thank you to you both for being the foundation of this fabulous journey
I can’t wait to see you both in April on the next course xxx 


Sharon from Nottingham  wrote on 8th December 2023

So how do you start a review about Simon's  "Voyage of Spiritual & Psychic Enlightenment" course,
I'm not really sure where to start, so I will just jump straight in and say

what a life changing experience it was for me and it was all just AMAZING!

From sharing a week with like minded people, people growing in confidence day by day,
a safe environment where even the stupidest of questions wasn't redeemed as stupid,
Where we all had gob stopping moments. The love and support from Simon,

Dave and each of the other students to one another was amazing, not just about the course, but daily chores on and off the course and many will stay life time friends, of that,

I am sure. I've gone from someone who had done a few practice workshops, with no confidence in myself
to growing in confidence, to someone who believed everything I got and boy did I get some humdingers! 

From someone who never wanted to do Tarot cards,
to going back to do the "Tarot Terminology" course and now absolutely loving giving friends TAROT readings. 

I can understand why so many people do this course, then go into doing shows and platforms as a full time job,
who say they have no interest in doing so at the beginning of the course. I've totally amazed myself and even got a few OMG's from Simon, which was the icing on the cake for me! 

Simon makes the course FUN and light hearted, but teaches with such passion.
He wants you to succeed and he gives you all the tools to do so. 

If you just want to grow within yourself, you want to just grow spiritually or you want to go full time into the profession, then this course and Simon teaching you,
is just a must. Sign up today for your course,
I waited for two years shall I, shan't I, now wish I had done it years ago.

We all battled the constant Rain, Fog, Snow and Worst floods in years,
to get there and back and I'm sure without a doubt, we would all do it again, if we could.

Thank you Simon and Dave for everything to do with the course and more so your continuing support.


Yasmin from Huntingdon wrote on 8th December 2023

Simon is my now "got to" for my reality check, for my centring,

for my factual look at life and what is coming,

what is not enriching my life anymore.

The readings always give me a sense of purpose with a clearer view

and the deep comfort of knowing that spirit is always by my side.

Thank you simon for your no nonsense attitude that is always sprinkled with glitter and hope. x


Suzy from Blackpool wrote on 2nd December 2023

I’ve had many readings with Simon over the last 5 years.

Some in person and some over the telephone.

The level of accuracy is extraordinary and it’s like he knows me personally.

I always came away feeling more hopeful of my future

and love it when he relays a message to me from my grandma because he says it in a way that I know it is from her.

Joanne from Doncaster wrote on 1st October 2023

I Completed the spiritual workshop in 2022 loved it, such fun great people worth every penny.
I have had a few readings over the last 18 months and hands on heart ❤️ will not go anywhere else permanently
( sorry to say Simon you're stuck with me).
What a great two guys I have had the pleasure of meeting.
My readings have gave me the guidance I was hoping for and some clarification.

xx Thanks as always


Jenny from Doncaster wrote on 29th October 2023

Simons psychic development course came at such a good time for me in my journey.

I felt divinely guided to attend and I wasn't disappointed. I've met some amazing likeminded people.

I've discovered skills I never knew I had. Learnt a lot from Simon and best of all he made it fun and interesting.

A fab course and I hope to be able to do more work with him in the future.

Its definitely created a great foundation for me to build on going into the future.

Thankyou for all your help xxx


Dyan from Holmfirth wrote on 21st October 2023 

When I arrived on Monday morning I was quiet and had no believe or confidence

in myself as a person never mind having any psychic ability!

Through the week with your expert teaching and guidance,

and the natural and fun way you deliver the classes,  

I have realised that I can and will do anything I want to,

I can tap into my guides now and I know that the thoughts I had are them guiding me.

But much more than that, you have managed to make me believe in myself

and made me feel that I am good enough for anything I want to do.
something that I have never had in my life before!

I have battled with this from being a child and my loving husband

has tried ever since meeting him 13 years ago years to give me this,

but coming to your week long workshop and immersing myself

in it has definitely been the thing I needed I just feel so empowered now.

I cannot thankyou enough and just want you to  know just how much this has meant to me.

Cannot wait to come back to you in December and show you the much stronger me.

Love Dyan Leech


Karen from Barnsley wrote on 21st October 2023

Huge thanks to Simon and Dave for changing my life.

I’ve just completed the 5 day workshop in Rotherham.
By day 3 on the course I couldn’t believe how much I’d changed already.
I started 100 miles away from my comfort zone. Even turning up was a challenge,
never mind speaking out and trusting in my self worth and confidence.
I nearly didn’t come back on day 2 but I pushed myself and I knew you could guide me.
In all the 52 years of my life this has been one of the most significant experiences.
That’s hugely down to your excellent teaching and guidance.
If you’re reading this and wondering if this workshop is for you book it and see for yourself
🙏 Immense thanks to Simon and Dave for a life-changing event. 


Sharon from Stockport wrote on 23rd July 2023

I attended the workshop for mechanics of mediumship over 2 days.
This is an incredible course and I learnt so much and has enhansed my knowledge and understanding.
Simon is a fantastic teacher/ mentor who instantly makes you feel at ease and gives encouragement throughout.
What ever level beginning or advanced there is always something to learn,
for me I feel my confidence has soared.
This course is highly recommended.
Thank you


Minion from Sheffield wrote on 20th July 2023

Firstly how much I had been looking forward to my Spiritual telephone reading with you,

and secondly, just how grateful I  am to you for the guidance and upliftment and enlightening
I  received during the session. 

These remain with me, giving me strength and direction.
I was at a very low ebb and have been for a long time.
You always enable me to somehow move forward with hope and inspiration.

My deepest  gratitude to  yourself and Dave.

Hope see you again soon.

With very best wishes. 


Brett from York Wrote on 20th May 2023

I will always appreciate Simon's sincerity, honesty and encouragement.
This was my first one-to-one with Simon and I've got so much out of it.
I knew in advance everything would be 100% accurate,
so there was no thoughts on "would he know about me".
I it was great to have the CD which I have just listened to and made notes so I can continue on my journey.

Simon has given me confidence as well as a bit of a kick in the backside
to push on with development.
My big takeaway from the session was knowing that someone as good and honest as Simon
believes in my abilities and really wants me to succeed.

Thank you so much


Karen from Hull Wrote on 27th April 2023
I recently had a reading with Simon and I can tell you it was pretty darn amazing to say the least!
Something happened to me after the reading that gave me complete and 

      utter validation that what he told me was completely true.
Thank you Simon - I can't wait for my next visit!


Nicola from Linn Creek, Missouri, USA Wrote on 11th April 2023

Simon has such wonderful energy!!
I loved his personal reading, very accurate!!
I cannot wait to speak with him again! Very inspiring!!
If he is ever in the USA...most definitely would want to meet him!!


Maria from York wrote on 21st November 2022

What an awesome 5 days of discovery. Learnt how to read photographs and items using psychometry.
Connecting with spirit guides and learning the art of tarot.
Amazing depths of meditation and met beautiful people with like minds.
Enjoyed every minute of this course and I am looking forward to the second part of this in January 2023.
Thank you Simon and Dave for this voyage of enlightenment. 
Lots of love Maria


Rebecca from Hull wrote on 17th November 2023

Hi Simon. I just want to say a big thank you for the other night at The Dancing Goat.

Your message to me was so spot on. I’ve worked for a company nearly 18 yrs.

The companies a mess at the minute and work moral is super low.

I’ve felt trapped in my work since a new database came out and I’ve never been so miserable because of it.

I also can’t progress in my role unless I worked from York.

Which isn’t an option.

Your message was I can achieve so much more then what I’m doing.

The next day my diet consultant came to see me,

and has offered me a role as a consultant myself where

I have the opportunity to build my own business and team.

With wonderful incentives for doing well.

I’ve realised I’m not trapped and I do have the potential to succeed at

something I love doing.

And I wouldn’t have been able to see that without your message ❤️

Julia from Leeds wrote on 18th October 2022

Let me start with thanking you both for such an awesome week.
To say I thoroughly enjoyed it would be an understatement;
I don’t know what I was expecting but the whole experience exceeded any expectations.
I could have possibly had. 
Firstly you both have such a natural way of putting everyone at ease,
Simon’s gift is truly a force to be reckoned with,
he instinctively knows what each and every one of us needs to bring out the gift in all of us. 
Not one to mince his words he soon had the whole room laughing, and those laughs continued till the very end.
We may have had a few tears along the way, but to see how each and every one of us grew in confidence,
made life long friends and just shared a wonderful experience with like minded people was just a joy to be a part of. 
I’m truly blessed to have done the workshop and looking forward to where my spiritual journey now takes me.
I would recommend anyone to take your wonderful workshops and can’t wait to do the next one. 
Much love  Julia Johnson 


Craig from Dronfield wrote on 18th October 2022

This has been a long journey for me, in more ways than one, having been like a rabbit in the headlights,
not wanting to return for day 2, I did because it’s something that means a lot to me,
so I persevered and thankfully with all the wonderful class and led by Simon ,
who says it as is it, and Dave.
A formidable duo, the more I listened and learnt to trust, because trust is massive with me,
I got as I didn’t want the course to end,
so inspirational and a massive personal growth for me,
it was great to see how far we had all come in the 5 days ❤️ thank you 


Melanie from West Yorkshire wrote on 18th October 2022

What a life changing 5 days I've just had attending Voyage of Complete Spiritual & Psychic Enlightenment.
At the start I felt I had gone into myself so deep that I would never open the door again.
I doubted my  development.
WOW my transformation of self belief was mind blowing,
my confidence grew, trusted in myself and others and by the end of the week
I confidently delivered medium messages.  
This is not the end of my development, I'm at the start of a new journey in my life.



Geraldine from Liverpool wrote on 19th October 2022

One of the best ways to learn so much more about yourself is self-development work.
I knew that I had psychic intuition from a very young age, yet struggled to have the right support around me to flourish. This society sees these gifts as something to hide, suppress and medicate. 
When I had the energy pull and calling to sign up to do your 5 day workshop,
I was also ready to commit to me and my life in many different ways,
Including spiritually.
Thank you so much for your simple, straight forward,
no-nonsense approach to your teaching style,
mixed in with a whole lot of glittery Salsa sassy fun-filled personality!
It has been the most exhilarating exploration of self-discovery I have ever undertaken. 
Learning from you to trust implicitly and to finally open up in totality
with so many wonderful participants, has been my biggest takeaway.
I can honestly say that this has allowed me to be extremely open and vulnerable,
Together with embracing my gifts, without apology. 
Now is the time and space for you too! You won't regret it!! So, got for it too!!! 


Joyce from Sheffield wrote on 18th October 2022


What an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING 5 days - Probably the best week of of my life.

AMAZING teacher - there are no words that truly explain/describe how “important, Worthy’ 
you make me feel.  (Fantastic backup with Dave)

How on earth you managed to get so many fabulous students together,
in the same room - you must be “Magic” or just “being YOU”

So easy to learn with you, and so much fun.
I learned more with you in those 5 days than all my other knowledge put together. 

So privileged to be one of your students

Love you more than I can put into words.


Brett from York wrote on 16th October 2022

After seeing Simon perform at a fair I attended,
I knew straight away this was a good man who I would love to learn from.
I have never been on a course like this and there were slight nerves
but my main feeling was excitement and knowing I had made a great choice.

I was part of an amazing cohort, everybody was so different and at a different stage
but I feel that every single person got so much out of every day.
Simon got the best out of everyone, made you believe in your own abilities,
Boosted your confidence and pushed you in a fun but developmental way.
At the same time, you never felt under undue pressure,
just fully supported. So much so we all had the confidence to say what we were feeling.

It was incredible being part of this group and seeing how everyone was on the last day.
We all surprised ourselves. We came so far and grew in confidence
In a short time because of how Simon taught us and made us all grow.
The pace of the course and the materials were all spot-on and easy to learn from. 

I would recommend this course 100%, no matter where you feel you are on your journey.



Jayne from Lincoln wrote on 16th October 2022

Voyage of Complete Spiritual and Psychic Enlightenment Workshop

I booked this course in 2021 and I waited a whole eleven months to attend.
I knew I would want to immerse myself in the learning and so chose
the intensive five-day course over the weekend groups.

I have been working with spirit in a very different way for many years but am always,
always keen to welcome more learning into my world.
As soon as I met Simon my higher self ‘shouted’ AT me that I needed his teachings in my life.
Not one to argue with spirit I booked straight away.

Simon has such a wonderful, natural way with people.
His flamboyant and funny personality shines so very bright as he delivers the lessons.
Not once in the whole five days did of intense learning did he lose my attention, not once!
Watching and listening to him work with spirit as he (they) delivered the training was fascinating.
Simon’s passion to pass on his (their) knowledge is evident
and comes through in his (their) words which are delivered with empathy and healing
for each one of the students sat before him (them).
I feel blessed to have witnessed and received such healing. 

When speaking to individuals on the course his encouragement, upliftment and praise is paramount to building confidence, an amazing skill to have and he does this with ease and grace.

I learned so much during the five days and felt my confidence grow daily
this was enhanced by the support and encouragement from the other members of the group. 

Like-minded people gathered all for the same purpose to learn and to develop.
It was beautiful to observe and be part of everyone’s journey.
New friendships and bonds were made some I believe made for life.

Not forgetting Dave who’s knowing smile, occasional eye rolling,
and calming presence completes this amazing team,
Organising the practical stuff without which none of this would be possible.

I have no hesitation in recommending anyone to invest in their own psychic development with Simon
Whether you are a complete beginner or have been practicing for years.
There is ALWAYS something new to learn. 

I for one cannot wait to use what I have learned to add a whole new dimension
to what I am able to give to others both in my personal life
and in my calling as an intuitive energy healer. 

Simply, THANK YOU have helped me to lift my vibration to another level, absolutely awesome!!



Joanne from Doncaster wrote on 15th October 2022

I have battled years of low self esteem, confidence knocked through life experiences.
After my 1-2-1 reading with Simon I felt a kick up my backside and a clearer direction.
Drawn to this I decided to go for the workshop 5 day course
And trust me I was unsure and nervous to the day the course was due to start.
Best thing I did, not only mixed with a lovely group of people.

Simon brought humour as well as structured the course perfectly.
I felt valued as an individual and was really supported when I had my moments of doubt.
Honestly would recommend this for your inner self love,
Beliefs and future path you may want to jump onto.
Loved it with a passion, just went too quick.
I have the tools now just need to practice and reap the good feelings
Thankyou so much 


Linda from Hull wrote on 4th October 2022

Had a reading with Simon .

He is a lovely man and you feel comfortable with him.
He gave me a very good accurate reading and a day
I really enjoyed thank you Simon.
It was a pleasure. X


Julie  From Chesterfield wrote on 18th September 2022

Wherever you are on your Spiritual development journey,

whether you are a complete beginner or have had previous experience,
If you want to of further Simon is your person.
Using his amazing gifts and talents he is able to get the best from each of his students. 
All with lots of fun and laughter.

I had such a good timed made lots of new friends.
The atmosphere was very supportive.
Meeting Simon has greatly changed and enhanced my life for the better
& I am so glad I took the plunge.

I got so much more out if it than I could ever have imagined.
I highly recommend developing your Spiritual & Psychic abilities with Simon.

Thank you with Love

Julie x


Ceris  From Lincoln wrote on 5th September 2022

have had quite a few readings from Simon over the last few years

And have also attended his Spiritual Development Course.

I cannot recommend Simon highly enough.

He has not only greatly inspired me on my personal spiritual path

But his readings have been incredibly accurate.
If you need guidance Simon is The One!!


Harriet From Lincoln wrote on 4th September 2022

An outstanding reading today with Simon.
Felt as though he was reading my mind and knew what issues I was dealing with
although I actually went to find out about my granddaughter.
Silly me, my own issues needed addressing and Simon pointed me,
very firmly, in the right direction.
I was completely stunned.
This could be life changing for me, if I let it.
PS. Granddaughter sorted too! Thankyou Simon

 Beverley From Grimsby wrote on 1st September 2022

I can’t thank Simon enough for my one to one reading.
Your message was so strong and I now know what I have to do.
Simon’s super friendly personality put me at ease
throughout and his accuracy astounded me.
I highly recommend making an appointment with this amazing man.
Thank you so much
for allowing me to come away from my reading uplifted and with lots to think about.


Lana & Paul From Australia wrote on 13th July 2022

We have been receiving readings from Simon for many years
And he was instrumental in our move to Australia.
Not only has he helped us with the development of our family his readings are truthful and accurate.

But more importantly he is an open and honest individual who genuinely cares.
I would also like to thank Dave too as nothing is too much trouble to help. 
Thank you so much guys from us both with love 
Lana & Paul x


Nina From Stockport wrote on 30th May 2022

I would like to highly recommend Simon Goodfellow.
I met Simon in April 2018
when I signed onto his ‘Mechanics of Mediumship’ weekend course in Stockport.
The course was just amazing, well structured, and informative.
I came away buzzing and booked on to the following weekend's course in a few months. In the end,
I signed up for all 4-weekend courses throughout the year
and then on to Dave Goodfellow’s business course the following March 19.
Since meeting Simon in 2018
I have around 2 1 on 1 reading per year and again, Simon’s predictions are just incredible.
I can honestly say Simon is the real deal,
if you are looking for guidance, and clarity in your life or business do reach out to


Kathryn From Rotherham wrote on 2nd April 2022

Many thanks Simon , for my telephone reading in February 2022 .

Very interesting and professional, made me feel uplifted and 

A lot better in myself and looking forward to my future .

The  things Simon told me for my future are already happening and I am great full to him for this 
I was in a dark place and with Simons help and encouragement

I am feeling happier and more positive for things to come !

Many thanks to Simon who is a true gem x.  

Love to you and David x. Kathryn 

Janet From Doncaster wrote on 21st February 2022

What can I say what a journey it has been and will continue to be,

this workshop will bring out your spiritual side and you will be amazed what you can achieve.

 Simon is a brilliant teacher of psychometry and the reading of cards
I wished I had started my journey years ago

 You couldn’t wish to meet two nicer people in Simon and Dave

to go on your spiritual journey with

What can I say what a journey it has been and will continue to be,


June  From Barnsley wrote on 21st February 2022

"I've just finished the "Tarot Terminology" workshop yesterday (Feb '22).

I'd previously attended "The Voyage of Complete Spiritual and Psychic Enlightenment" workshop

not knowing or thinking I would ever be good enough or even intetested in taking it further.

I told Simon in Oct (on "The Voyage.... ") "I am retired and don't want to work in this area-

i just have an interest".... Well my interest has certainly grown-

and due to the assignments (preparation for the "Tarot Terminology" workshop)

I now feel so much more confident in giving readings, and trusting what my guides are giving me....

(all learnt on Simon's 2 courses) that i am looking for opportunities to work as a tarot card reader.

I'll never do it full time, but I will certainly be using the teachings from Simon to work for spirit and to help others. 

Simon's approach to teaching and his mediumship is 'forthright' but kind and compassionate.

For anyone with an interest, i'd say get on one of Simon's courses,

you never know where it could take you.

On the courses i was on... some of the people are going into mediumship,

some will be tarot card readers, others are combining it with spiritual work they are already doing. 

It's been a fantastic journey, and like Simon says...

we just have to go out there and do it now! A scary thought

(i've just booked myself in for my friend's housewarming party-

i'll be giving readings for her guests at £5 each...

which i'll donate to charity... baby steps for me...

and then out into the world slowly) Simon said he'd "...given us the keys- we just have to use them now". 

A brilliant set of courses,

would recommend to anyone.

Start your journey now, don't be like me...

i've waited over 30 years... of being told i can do this work-

if you're reading this... then you've been shown the first part of your pathway. Enjoy!!!" 


Jennie From Manchester Wrote on 20th February 2022

My spiritual journey story.

During 2021 I started to feel like I had connections with another world that I wanted to explore however I was very reserved coming from a family background of non believers.

I was directed from a close friend of mine to Simon Goodfellow’s courses. 
I called up Dave to book onto several weekend courses around the country

however Dave kindly suggested I do the 5 day development course

 I was like I can’t do that, can’t leave my husband and kiss for that length of time.

I actually rang back 40minutes later and signed up to the 5 course.

I started the first course on 11.10.21 very nervous

indeed however within a short while I was more settled and felt at ease with Simon & david.

Over the 5 days my confidence in my abilities strengthen although

I was a rabbit on head lights at times.

I was blown away with the connections I made over the course of the week.

The exercises we completed with Simon’s guidance was amazing.

At the end of the 5 days I signed up to the next course which was the tarot terminology.

During the few months between courses I tried to complete the faulty recommendations

which were challenging for me personally with the busy life

I already lead but I pushed myself as the results were fantastic

and I was determined this was a path I wanted to follow for myself.

After completing the tarot terminology course I am a completely different person spiritually.

I have grown in confidence, been blown away with my own ability

to believe & trust my intuition and completely feel happy about personally promoting

myself with spirituality. I have had the most amazing time on this journey,

both Dave & Simon have been great to work with, funny, professional and very direct when need be.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Simon’s teaching skills

and look forwards to doing the business work shop with Dave. 

Thanks again guys see you in March

Jennie xx

Win From Ashton Under Lyne Wrote on 14th October 2021​

My telephone reading with Simon was incredible and so relevant

to my current situation,

he brought so much love through from my Dad and help

and advice with my current situation.

God bless Simon and thank you so much


Tilly From Stalybridge Wrote on 3rd October 2021

If 'true gift' was defined as a person then Simon would be it.
Simon is one premium reader to date.
My wonderful reading oused with honesty, personality and exceptionally accrurate.
After a troubling time with secondary infertility,
Simon reassured me that I will finally give birth
to a healthy daughter in September month
I ' am currently feeding my beautiful daughter born 23rd September as I type.
I cannot thank Simon and the universe enough.
His gift is a true blessing from God.


Margaret From Leeds Wrote on 6th September 20201

Hi Simon, my reading was accurate and spot on.
Almost like you popped into my brains, took data information.
I often say a certain something in my prayers from deceased love ones to grant me.
You tapped into that also.
I was skeptical how a phone reading could work,
how don't know but I'm a believer in Simon.
God bless him. OMG. 


Carol From Hyde Wrote on  22nd August 2021​

I had a reading with Simon and it truly blew me away,

he was so accurate and it helped to give my soul some healing

after my lovely husband died.

This is the 2nd time I have had readings by Simon,

this time it was by phone and I received the CD in the post really quickly.

If you are thinking of booking, do not think any longer,

he is an earth angel, you will not be sorry xxx


 Nadia From Chesterfield wrote on 23rd June 2021

To date I have been blessed with two readings from the lovely Simon Goodfellow

and his spirit team.

My first reading was at a healing and wellbeing festival in Leeds, August 2019,

And my second reading was over the telephone in June, 2021.

For me personally there was no difference in the messages quality,

Over the telephone was just as effective as it is in person.

The only plus sides to having a reading in person at an event is of course,

meeting Simon and Dave in person,  BIG tick 

and of course spending a fair bit of money

On gorgeous jewellery at a mind, body, spirit event!

Looking back each reading for me was clear, concise and VERY accurate.

Simon and his team advised that my life was going to change dramatically

Within 6 months time back in August, 2019.

Though I was unsure about the guidance, everything did sure enough come to fruition.

Although I did not know it back then,

I had met my life partner on the 23rd December, 2019.

the rest as they say is history. 


Sue From Nottingham wrote on 6th May 2021​

I had a reading with Simon during 2020.

 what a gift you have! I want to pass on my heartfelt
Thanks because you spoke straight to my inner voice.
the words you used and the feelings described

Completely reflected my experiences of last year.

Your message gave me a huge sense of hope,

peace and confidence, and months later I am enjoying

A new role exactly as you had described.

With thanks again for sharing your gift

With such compassion and love.

Sending love to you and Dave xx


Raiona Primus From  Huddersfield wrote: 23rd March 2021

My phone reading with Simon was phenomenal!
As a firm believer I was almost nervous at what would come through
As there's no hiding from spirit but I was blown away.
Everything that came through was truly Divine and delivered with real love,
warmth and passion from Simon.
He is truly gifted and such an inspiration,
I'm so grateful to both him and Dave for their fantastic communication and ease.
My CD recording arrived within a couple of days
along with lots more support and inspiration to guide me through
Everything else these wonderful people have to offer!
Thank you both SO much,
I'm so excited for more training and readings to come.
Love + Light Rai xx


Geraldine Ling from Liverpool wrote: 18h March 2021

Dear Simon & Dave

Thank you so much for your telephone reading on 13,3,2021 at 11.30am.

It was phenomenal! I had been getting psychic downloads,

messages from loved ones in spirit, Archangel Gabrielle and others since Christmas

and my body was screaming out for a reading.

I asked my body who it desired to connect with for one,

and your text message appeared within 2 days,

So I booked in with you!

Everything you mentioned and stated was exactly what spirit had been saying too,

you were awesome

At filling in some gaps of information that my spirit guides were a bit vague on!

Thank you so much for gifting me such a powerful reading .

That I know will have profound effects for my future to come,

Like a ripple wave of seedlings just sprouting away now!

I will definitely have another reading with you

and I highly recommend anyone who is sceptical,

To be so open-minded with their barriers down of judgements.

This has been the biggest eye opener reading I have ever had!

Thank you so much once again,

And for being the potent light being shining your light on guiding us to more.

Humongous hugs. Geraldine Ling


Emma Thomas from Grimsby wrote: 14th March 2021

Hi my name is Emma Thomas, I met Simon and Dave 7 years ago now .

I have had 4 to 5 readings with Simon and every time have been right straight to the point.

He has guided me on the right path .

He knew things I had never told anybody he gives me great courage on my own journey .

Simon Goodfellow taught me how to read the tarot cards

And how to trust in myself to become a tarot reader and medium.
Both are a credit to society

and if you need some clarification 

Simons your man x


Melanie Padron Golding  from Canterbury wrote: 11th March 2021

Simon was amazing! Absolutely spot on.

I'd never met him before and he mentioned things that no one else could have known.

I felt completely at ease, he put my mind at rest through

his insights and validations that I needed to hear.

I gained the clarity that I needed in this very focused reading.

A diamond of a person, makes you feel very comfortable.

I've already recommended Simon to my friends and will happily continue!

Thank you so much, I'll be back in another 6 months for the next!

Blessings, Mel Xxx


Eddie from Sedgefield wrote: 5th March 2021

I received a telephone reading from Simon.

It was heartfelt and engaging.

The Soul touching experience was emotional at times,However that was good.

I do feel Simon has a gift that he shares with others in a compassionate way.

I will be back in touch in the future.


Tracy from Grimsby wrote: 20th February 2021

Thank you for my reading came away feeling a lot more positive about things.

So glad I plucked up courage to have it done

Sending love Tracy x


Shelia from Doncaster wrote: 26th February 2021

I had my reading on Tuesday with Simon he picked up straight away.
How I was feeling which is pretty low at the moment.
He mentioned lots of freesias that meant my brother was here everything,

He told me gave me so much comfort.
I listen to music on my Alexa at night helps me sleep and that night after my reading.

I thanked my brother for being here for me and asked him

to help me though this next song what came on loud was Barry White,

your my first my last my everything our wedding song as we came out of registry office.

my brother was confirming what Chris had told me I can't thank you enough Simon

I can start living how I'm supposed to do.

love and light to you both

Sheila taylor xxxxx


Steve From Lanzarote Wrote: 8th January 2021

Many thanks Simon for the wonderful reading it was spot on as always.

I have not seen you since 2012.

You have lifted my spirits and helped me to believe in myself again.

You are like a breath of fresh air.

Bless you and keep doing what you do best...helping people.

Love always. Steve & Vanessa.


Heather from Doncaster wrote: 16th December 2020

Just want to say how fantastic my reading was with Simon and how wonderful Dave is .
When I arrived I was greeted by Dave who I had a good laugh with before

I went in to see Simon.

Dave was so welcoming and very friendly, thank you Dave.

I then went into to see Simon and with in seconds he started talking and telling all things nobody could ever know.

He was absolutely down to earth very comforting.

I will highly recommend Simon has he gave me hope for the future .

Thank you so much.  Hev


Ruth Metcalfe from  Middlewich wrote: 8th November 2020

I always feel I can turn to Simon when I hit a brick wall.

His readings are so accurate  Even if the news isn't good .

He tells it how it is which helps you to cope with it.

I always look forward to his readings.


Vicki Enright from Leicestershire wrote: 27th October 2020​

To be honest I wasn’t sure a telephone reading could work.

How is it possible to connect from such a distance?

But Simon knew the sad miserable me straight away!

And I am so sorry for giving you back pain!

The funny thing was it was like being told off by your mum but in a different voice!

I remember Simon asking if I had any questions

and it’s all so fast and a complete blur,

but when i got chance to replay the reading ,

I now have many. Thank you


Tracie Austin from Huddersfield wrote: 14th August 2020

WOW... had a reading by Simon, the things he told me no one could know.

I was very fortunate that my Mum came through,

this was the main reason for wanting a reading.

It has given me so much comfort to hear what Simon passed on.

Simon is one very gifted person and I would highly recommend to any one.

Thank you so much.

Claire Denton from Sheffield wrote: 10th August 2020

After having two readings with Simon,
I finally listened to him!! I did the beginners course
for the Medium and Psychic Development Workshop.
I absolutely loved every second of it!
I went home feeling so proud of myself.
I honestly couldn't understand why I didn't do this sooner.
(Maybe I should listen the first time round when Simon does me a reading!!)
Simon and Dave make you feel so comfortable and the course is so enjoyable.
Anyone unsure or thinking if it's for them, just do it!!

Yoh will not regret it! I'm now looking forward to my next workshop!! Thank you so much Simon & Dave xxx


Emma Jacklin  from Louth wrote: 9th August 2020

If you are second guessing whether to go on this course...
THEN DON’T! I’ve experienced two of the best days I could have wished for.
I’ve met wonderful new friends, I am uplifted,
I feel refreshed and I’ve just developed skills
I never thought I could do and this is all from the beginners part of the course.
This course is not only to bring out your psychic ability
but to improve your confidence levels too in all areas of life.
Don’t worry about going on your own either, you will leave with friends for life.
Thank you Simon for creating
the most wonderful and insanely amazing development course,
I truly cannot wait to see what’s next for me.


Yasmin May from Cambridgeshire wrote on 4th August 2020

Simon has such a way of delivering his readings

that they are heartful and direct.

A true professional that I feel humbled to have discovered,

there is no one else for me now to do my readings.


Marie Brown from Grantham wrote: 24th July 2020

Thank you simon you clarified a lot for me on my telephone reading.
My head has been all over the place since my partner died
and I couldn't see clear getting mixed messages from other mediums.
Only threw the balance out again and he was my soulmate 
but because of their readings I started to not like him
and then that made me more emotional
so a huge thank you
to you and to david who sounds lovely as well xxx


Nina Ketel From Stockport wrote: 9th July 2020

Over the years I have had 4 reading by Simon

and I can honestly say ‘Simon is the real deal’. He is always spot on.

My readings have been and carry on being phenomenal

and I can relate to everything said to me.

Sometimes during the readings

and other times something will happen further down the line.

Simon has the ability to delivery his readings in such away you are truly captivated.

I highly recommend you book a reading with Simon.


Valery Cooper From Stalybridge Manchester wrote: on 12th June 2020

Hello Simon and Team,
I tried to imagine what it would be like to have your wonderful gift

until the bedroom door banged shut gone midnight

(an open window) making me jump six feet in the air.

I realise that its not just about the bumps, knocks groans and noises

in the night but its also about capturing the true essence of the reading

that gives a true incite of the personality having a reading,

you understood me and showed empathy and compassion,

loved it and will be in touch and keep you up to date. Big thanks


Robert Belton From Morpeth:  wrote on 30th May 2020

Simon truly has the gift.

Everything he told me via a telephone reading was accurate and I understood it all.
He passed on the information he received in a kind and thoughtful manner.
Very impressive reading.


 Julie Saunder From Leicester: wrote on 28th May 2020

Having had 2 previous house party readings that were spot on.
I booked a telephone reading, and I was not disappointed.
The call was clear, you were your usual friendly self, it was as if we were sat opposite.
I relate to so much of what you said, and look forward to what’s in store.
Thank you so much Simon, I can’t wait to listen to my reading again,.
Cd arrived this morning, excellent service!
Love to you and Dave, stay safe and well. 


Sara Hides From Grantham: wrote on 2nd May 2020

 Thank you for giving me so much information

and clarifying some personal issues,
look forward to both seeing you in person
and repeating the phone reading again.
With many thanks Sara


Vicky Johnson From Stamford: wrote on 1st May 2020

I had a telephone reading with Simon yesterday.
This was the first time I had used this service and it was fantastic.
It was as if Simon was in the room. Clear reading,
and everything explained fully. Highly recommend this service.
Thank you Simon xxxxx


Andrea Burnand From Huddersfield: wrote on 10th February 2020

 Incredible training experience

It’s true to say that your paths cross with people you’re just meant to meet.

After having a reading with Simon

I was blown away with his insights, accuracy and talent.

I’ve always been interested in developing my spiritual side

and when I discovered Simon taught it was a unique opportunity.

Simon and Dave are such special people,

the training is so well presented and delivered

I’d do it again and again if I could.

I can’t thank you both enough for such an incredible journey

and I feel equipped with tools for life.

If you’re thinking about doing the training

don’t hesitate it’s truly life changing. Forever grateful

Andrea Burnand From Huddersfield:  Wrote on 20th November 2019

Simon is incredibly gifted, I’ve been blown away by his readings

which have brought so much comfort, direction, assurance

and delivered in such a kind and caring way.

There is simply no one like him

and I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else now for a reading.

He’s helped me so much and given me

a lot of encouragement and positivity for the future.

The accuracy of the readings has been phenomenal.

Thank you Simon & Dave for everything - see you soon xxx

Laura Robson Wrote on 3rd October 2019

Hi,  I had a phone reading  on the 3rd October 2019.

It was a spur of the moment decision.

My sister had a reading with Simon a few weeks before

I decided to book.

Some things Simon said to her were spot on

& it had been some years since I had a “true” reading.

I used to see a chap who was my “go to” person if I felt lost,

I used to call him guru lol,

sadly we lost touch & no one I have seen since compared.

On the day of my reading with Simon

I was excited but also sceptical. We had a brief chit chat,

Simon explained how the phone reading works & off he went.

At first Simon said pretty much the same as my sister reading,

so I was already getting myself in the “do you same the same to everyone” mood,

reflecting back, why would we not get some of the same things said,

we are sisters, family, and close sisters too

but Simon wouldn’t know who I was related to so that made sense.

After my, here we go again moment,

Simon said a phrase exactly

as I had been saying about a certain situation for months.

He gave me a lot to think about & a lot to look forward to,

had me & my personality down to a tee & we had a giggle.

I had things I wanted to ask, completely forgot.

What a shame I’m gonna need another phone reading lol.

Think I may have found a new guru (big cheesy grin).

Thank you so much,

you have a very special gift & an amazing personality & a lovely person

Carol Draper Wrote on 10th September 2019

As a student of Simon's

this is the first time I had seen Simon do a public Mediumship Demonstration.

So I thought I would go up to the room

were Simon was performing at Stockport Mind, Body & Spirit Event

fifteen minutes early to get a seat,

when I got there you could not get into the room,

not a seat, even the standing space was full around the room.

I think that say's everything,

Simon was like a Tornado of energy around the room,

so fast and accurate brilliant.

Simon's also had A Ex student with him Who Was Practising

who also performed was spot on, brilliant.  It was a wonderful day.

Carol Draper xxx



Carol Draper Wrote on 1st July 2019

It was over 5 years ago I first met Simon, at a mind body spirit festival.

I was shocked and taken back, not expecting the level of breathtaking mediumship

that I experienced from Simon on that day.

Over the years of developing and unfolding my own mediumship,

I had experienced and witnessed the many different levels of abilities in mediumship.

 the truth that I have found is that, there are very few,

a small percentage of truly gifted highly tuned mediums

that can reach or work from such a high pure level of spirit.

As Simon does, with such a profound insight and healing.

 It is only from this very deep soul level from which Simon works

can true transformation take place.

Simon embodies the essence and qualities, the very principles of what true

and pure mediumship should be built upon.

Thank You for your guidance and teachings.

I look forward to seeing you in August.

Carol Draper.


Julia Berry Wrote On 8th June 2019

Simon says relax (Simon Goodfellow - MBS,  Heywood May 2019)

Always love going to a mind, body and spirit (mbs) festival and it has been far too long.

This festival was ever more poignant due to recent life changes.

(which I literally do not have enough finger strength to get through all in one blog)

I was irritated that, through no fault of my own,

I was late to something that was actually for me for a change.

Phoning ahead, the wonderful man that is Dave,

who sorts the diary of Simon, the man I was having my reading with,

very kindly said I could still have my appointment.

Luckily I made it, only a few minutes late.

After actually throwing a 5 pound note, as I ran past, at the entrance guy,

I sat down to find out if the clouds were due to part, anytime soon.

Simon (Goodfellow)

did not need words from me to know where I was in life at the moment,

he did not need me to say that I had tried and failed to get out of the hamster ball,

which was spinning out of control,

hurtling towards the priceless glass antique next to the fireplace.

He was more concerned initially in welcoming me to his spiritual space

and inviting to take my shoes off and paddle,

breathe, close my eyes and feel the sun on my face until a small sense of calmness

enveloped me.

Of course I had seen Simon before, however, today I needed him to take my hand off the ledge,

where I was hanging on my my fingernails.  He not only metaphorically took my hand

but he guided me to a mental safety zone and gave me

the best coffee and cake I could have wished for. The words 'broken China doll'

will always stay with me from that reading as it captured how

I felt. Simon has an amazing gift, coupled with a no bullshit, straight talking approach.

No smoke and mirrors, no fancy trickery, just knowledge,

delivered in a way that is relevant to your life,  to the point and real.

I knew my father was around me and had been told before that I was sensitive by Simon.

This was one of the first things mentioned and at 42, did make me think.

I explained that I just feel, I don't see anyone, hear anyone,

just feel. It is enough to just feel apparently,

which links in with me being a highly sensitive person.

(also known as HSP which Mel Collins has written books

about and more recently spoken to Jeremy Vine on radio 2 about)

Finding out about being a HSP  helped tremendously as I always

figured I was (a freak, a weirdo, as Radio head sings)

because everything was always too loud or too bright,

crowds were too much and made me feel overwhelmed,

people standing too close to me, caused a major reaction, negativity, aggression, shouting,

All had a physical reaction in me. Anyway....back to Simon.....

the reading, which is just like having a chat

because you are able to ask questions as much as you deem fit,

went amazing well (this too is personally fantastic

as I am the original 'why' child, so that fish was swimming well)

Simon conveyed messages I had hoped to hear from my loved ones,

now passed on, he did this with dignity and respect,

whilst staying 'in the room' and always connected  to me and my mood.

Thank you Simon for being the person that helped me see

that even bad things have to come to end at some point. You're a star xxx



Michele West London Wrote on 4th June 2019

After speaking to the lovely Dave on the phone to book my reading,

I already felt a sense of calm and reassurance.

On the day of my reading,

Simon called me on time and went straight into the reading,

no fishing no probing questions, no smoke or mirrors,

but it was like he really knew what was going on in my life and how I was feeling.

Simon has a beautiful way about him,

kind but firm and straightforward which was perfect for me.

I can, with absolutely no hesitation highly recommend Simon.

Simon and Dave together are beautiful light giving souls

and I am so pleased

I was able to find them in a time that felt quite dark, so thank you both.



 Brian Lawlan wrote on 25th May 2019 

 Hi Dave, I just wanted to congratulate you on the new website design.

I love the subtle colours, the easy navigation and how fast it all loads.

It's beautifully put together, professional,

intuitive to navigate and the shop/check out facility will be a great aid to your workflow.

It's clearly a labour of love and I just wanted to give you the praise you deserve

and I have no doubt this will encourage others to have their websites

designed by you too. All power to you sir :-)

Very best wishes, Brian


Samantha from Wakefield wrote on May 7, 2019 

I had my first telephone reading with Simon last week

and it was all I had hoped for and more.

Simon knew so much about me and what is going on in my life

which was unbelievable to hear!

Following the reading I feel excited about the future

and that is down to Simon's unique gift and I am very grateful.

Simon is so easy to chat with and I felt very calm and at ease throughout the reading.

Both Simon and Dave are such kind and warm people.

Thank you so much Simon. X


Gillian Powell from Ilkley wrote on April 15, 2019 

I had a much awaited first full reading by Simon at the York Health and Healing Festival.

Despite knowing Simon's abilities

I was still amazed by what he said as he could have been reading a book about me!

From his first sentence to his last he was spot on in what he said.

He picked up on what I’d been talking about only that morning

and he made me realise that my Mum had been with me the night before,

which totally confirmed what Simon had said.

Simon is supportive, constructive and very professional.

I don’t hesitate to recommend him for a reading or for his Psychic Suppers.

In addition, Simon's Mediumship courses

are the best thing I’ve ever done without a doubt.


Andrea from Huddersfield wrote on April 15, 2019 

Amazing reading and it came just at the right time for me.

Simon is so very gifted, blimey could not believe what he was able to pass to me.

I felt so relaxed and comfortable throughout and was fascinated

by what he was able to pick up.

Love how intuitive he is, such a caring person

who wants you on the right path

to make the most of your life giving nudges where needed.

I will definitely be making a regular booking with him.

Thank you to both Simon and Dave - see you soon 


Claire Denton from Sheffield wrote on April 15, 2019 

I have had a few readings but this was my first from Simon.

I can honestly say it was the best one.

He was so down to earth, honest

and has given me the push I needed to change things in my life

that desperately needs changing.

He previously gave a reading to my Mum

who also thought he was so truthful and a few things came through

for myself in hers too.

Cannot thank Simon enough.

Also a big thank you to Dave who makes the appointments

and greets you with a smile when you see Simon. Thank you xx


Paula from York wrote on April 14, 2019 

Had my 1st ever reading with Simon today...

What a exceptional experience....

Simon put me at ease and was very to the point which I loved.

A man of pure soul....I came away feeling enlightened and lifted.

An absolute pleasure to have Simon read for me.

Many thanks to Dave to who booked everything in for me professional and lovely.

Deffo recommend Simon.. Hugs and Thank You xxx


Marlene from Manningtree wrote on February 14, 2019 

I just want to say a big thank you Simon for a fabulous reading.

Everything was spot on, from beginning to end,

including all my gut feelings that I had,

he picked up on them all confirmed everything.

It's was the icing on my cake. I will definitely be back;

he came highly recommend to me and I would certainly highly recommend him.

Lots of love, Marlene x

Ps. I hope you told Sonia off lol.... xxx


Mary Macauley from Lincoln wrote on December 13, 2018 


I would like to that Simon & Dave for giving me the opportunity for my Spiritual Journey.

At point in my life i was certainly at a crossroad.

I decided that I would do Simon’s Mediumship Diplomas.

Can I just say the past year has been the best ever in my life. Simon’s Knowledge

& what he has taught me are life changing.

Absolutely Unbelievable Fantastic!!!!!!!

Not only has he gave me the Keys for this Spiritual Journey,

I have met some truly magical souls & share really special times together

& strong friendships.

Just want to thank you from bottom of my heart Always Love M xxxxx


Karen Fell from Newark wrote on  September 15, 2018 

Your reading today Simon just blew me away.

You were absolutely spot on with everything and very kindly,

in the nicest possible way, have given me the kick up the derriere that I needed!

😀 I can't thank you enough! xxx


Patricia from Brigg wrote on 4th September 2018

Had an amazing reading today.

Simon was so accurate and has helped me enormously with my life.

Bless you for being such a wonderful gifted soul.


Sam from Huddersfield wrote on 3rd August 2018

Wow what can I say... What a beautiful soul with a very special gift...

I had a reading with Simon this week and it's safe to say I was not disappointed.

From the moment I sat down I felt at complete ease in his presence,

like sitting with a good friend.

As soon as he started everything,

he said was so accurate it left me slightly shell shocked

but on top of the world. (still buzzing).

The message I received helped me no end and was exactly what I needed.

I think I may I have worn out the CD listening to it numerous times.

I would recommend Simon to anyone. I can't thank him enough


Rebecca from Cheshire wrote on July 28, 2018

Hi Simon, thank you for my message you did, at Northwich mind, body, and spirit,

in your half hour talk, you were so spot on about everything,

you have a beautiful gift. I enjoyed your talk and listening to other people’s messages

to Thank You from Rebecca.


Julie hart from Nottingham wrote on July 16, 2018 

Simon, I don't know where to start, I was speechless for the 1st 10 minutes,

I was absolutely mesmerised by what you were saying to me! It was 1 thing after another,

I was totally overcome by how amazingly gifted you are.

Not many people can shut me up like that,

I think my jaw had dropped,

I didn't even want to speak as I just wanted to carry on listening to you.

First reading I have had where I literally gave no input

you did the whole thing even when you asked me a question

you just answered it without me saying anything,

brilliant! I keep listening to my disc and i am on cloud 9

about the next 18 months and butterflies are all around me just as you said they would be!

I cannot thank you enough.

If anyone is in doubt don't be, book Simon in an instant,

he is a truly gifted man!

The best! Take care both of you and I will definitely meet you again.

Thanks Julie 🙂 x P.S. Simon I am still overcome by how gifted you are!


Jane Blair from Eccles wrote on May 5, 2018

A Huge Thank You Simon. You are amazing, things you told me,

how???? I can now continue feeling more at peace.

I am now your biggest fan

and look forward to our next meeting Jane Xxxxxx

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