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  • Weekly Telephone Reading Appointments From
    Tuesday 26th March 2019

    Appointments Available From 4.00pm
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Within this site you will find all the contact details, Mediumship evening tour dates, Workshops & Mind, Body & Spirit fairs dates that he will be attending throughout the year both in the UK & Spain.

You will also be able to learn about Simon himself, why his work is so important to him and what drives him to follow the path that has been chosen for him. We hope you will enjoy your journey around Simon’s world and that it inspires you to make your way to see him.

Mediumship Evening Tour Dates
Dazzling evenings of Mediumship & clairvoyance with Simon are conducted throughout the UK & Spain. Book your tickets today for an evening near you.
If you would like to explore and develop your Mediumistic abilities, one of Simon's sought after workshops is an ideal start.
The Annual Spiritual Students Fair
Simon is very passionate when he helps Students to develop their abilities, he believes Students should be given a chance to showcase their skills.
Mind, Body & Spirit Fairs
Book your one to one reading with Simon at a Mind, Body & Spirit Fair.
Telephone Readings
Book your telephone reading with Simon.

What people are saying about Simon...

I have experienced several readings from Simon. If you are looking for guidance and truth from spirit, Simon will diliver. If you seeking information concerning your own spiritual path, Simon's words will both inspire and motivate you.

I've seen a lot of spiritual mediums over the years, some fairly average - one or two reasonably accurate if I think about it hard. Be in no doubt this is a man with a GIFT! There is no room for any other possibility.

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